I’m Crystal, a lifestyle blogger living in Chicago Illinois. My heart is happiest when I feel at home. I’m a soon-to-be mother, a girlfriend to an amazing man of five years, a planner, and creator. I love turning spaces into places of comfort and elevating everyday experiences into something special.

I graduated with an Animation degree from The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago and have been working full-time as a Artist. As my due date approaches I realize that finding a balance between motherhood and working is going to be quite the challenge, and my little peanut isn’t even here yet!

Growing up I learned that family is everything. Having dinner around a table, rocking chairs on a porch, a childhood dresser refurbished for the next generation, a gathering around a bonfire with good food, drinks and stories, a family trip with lifetime memories, a photo that captures the magic of life moments…and at the end of the day home is where the heart is.

Why Boho Baby? It’s a estimate to how I live my life. I love boho decor and ideals, using your imagination to turn any space or experience into your own wonderland is a motto I live by. As a child I never saw things as black and white. I loved exploring, creating, and making things my own. To me Boho Baby represents home and family which is what my blog is all about.