Why Lifestyle Blogs Matter.

Being new to the blogging scene, I’ve found myself struggling to find my voice these last couple of weeks. I’ve read multiple articles about how I should hone in on my niche and pick a specific topic to write about consistently. I found myself frustrated because I’m not ready to pick one specific topic just yet, I want to write about a bunch of topics! I’m passionate about many things such as fashion, reading, beauty, my dog, and my journey into motherhood. Maybe as time goes on, I’ll find my niche but for right now I’m self-classified as a lifestyle blogger, and I’m perfectly okay with that. But it also got me thinking:  What’s the point of lifestyle blogs when there are other blogs that specifically focus on food, music, or health? Why do so many pick on lifestyle bloggers? Why is being a lifestyle blogger given a negative conniption? Why do lifestyle blogs matter?

Here is what I came up with:


Lifestyle blogs matter because we want to know we’re not alone.

Lifestyle blogs offer a sense of community and friendship. I have made so many friends since starting blogging and through writing a variety of experiences on my blog, I have been able to connect with people in a way I never could before. I connect with them over my pup and other favorite items.

Lifestyle blogs expose us to try things we may not have known about in all aspects of life.

Some of the lifestyle blogs I follow have introduced me to apps I would have never known about, or subscription services I never even heard of before. Lifestyle blogs also help us answer questions like “How should I decorate for a birthday party?” “What are Chia seeds, and why are they put into pudding?”

Lifestyle blogs encourage others to try new things.

A lot of bloggers out there offer promotions that give us opportunities to try things we would have never done before. Lifestyle blogs are fun/free promotions or giveaways. We write about so many things that it’s not always the same content being promoted .

Lifestyle blogs matter because they give us motivation to better ourselves and our personal lifestyles.

I have become a much better girlfriend, and mother-to-be through the inspiration I get from reading other lifestyle blogs. I have found recipes to try, new ways to plan meals, and how to stay on budget. I am inspired to read more books and take the time to take care of myself and my relationships. I am motivated to be brave and try new things that I might have shied away from before because my favorite bloggers inspired me to do so.

Lifestyle blogs matter because they make me accountable.

I share my goals with my blogging community and with the public and regardless if anyone cares about what they are, I feel accountable for the success of those goals I have set for myself. I’m not saying the lifestyle blog has to be a personal diary, but when someone shares what is working for them and how they achieved their goals, I become motivated to try their tips and achieve mine.

Final Note.

Reading other blogs helps me find compassion and empathy for others. Lifestyle blogs allow me to broaden my horizons and open my mind to other beliefs or taught processes. Whether it is a different religious point of view, or a fitness plan I am exposed to so many new things to love.

Why do lifestyle blogs matter to you?

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