Five Gear Essentials for Small Apartment Living

Being pregnant the question I get asked the most after “What are you having?”  was “When are you going to move out of the city?”  So many people, especially non-city dwellers, wanted to know where we planned to put all of the baby’s stuff in our small, one bedroom apartment.  They were shocked to see the baby registry and find out that we planned to get by without so much of the “stuff” they told us we needed.

Many families in the city have found their own winning formulas for making it work – some with more children in smaller apartments. It certainly can be done. Here is my list of recommended baby gear that helped make living in our small, one bedroom apartment. 




Find a small crib on wheels that can easily fit through the bedroom door, so you can easily move the crib from room to room as needed.  We plan on having the baby sleep in our room the first couple of months but having a smaller crib will let us move the baby from room to room during nap times or early bedtimes.

My Pick: Dream On Me Full Size 2 in 1 Folding Stationary Side Crib



You don’t need a big, bulky highchair when your baby can sit right at the table with you.  There are seats that strap into one of your dining chairs. You can also get a chair that latches right onto the dining table. That way you can take it to restaurants, on vacation or just to visit friends. 

My Pick: Inglesina Fast Table Chair



Say good bye to your entertainment center, and hello to baby dresser.  We got rid of our TV stand, and moved our spare dresser out into the living room this way you can store baby clothes in it but it won’t look out of place. One added benefit,  that moved the TV and Cable Box buttons where put in a drawer of the dresser that way once the little peanut becomes mobile it won’t be in reach. 

My Pick: South Shore Versa 6-Drawer Double Dresser



Instead of one of those traditional toy chests I went with stackable bins that I lined up along the wall. They are stylish, yet functional so you won’t have to sacrifice your home ascetic. These bins are also nice because you can add labels to them.  We also installed shelves in the corner of the apartment to hang clothes and other odds and ends on.

My Pick: Natural Wood Chalkboard Front Produce Crate Box



Get the “portable” or “travel” version when it comes to baby seats, bouncers, and bigger toys.  We registered for a portable baby swing, that way it can be easily folded up and put in our closet for when guests come over.  We also picked a doorway bouncer that fits easily in a closet.

I’m not sure if city dwellers get by with less “stuff” because our small spaces demand it or because we have so much other cool “stuff” just outside our front doors.  Either way, you don’t have to leave your tiny apartment just because you’re expecting another tiny tenant… unless you want to. Our lease is up a couple months after the baby will be born at that time we will probably upgrade to a two bedroom apartment but at the moment it doesn’t seem to be a priority…..or in the budget.


What are your tips for surviving in a small Chicago apartment with kids? Share them in the comments.

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