My Etsy Wishlist
10 of my favorite items on Etsy!


1. Unique Furniture

If you’re looking for unique finds to bring out the personality of your home Etsy is the place to look! There are thousands of stores that refurbished old furniture to fit decor trends so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Shop Wooden Geometric

2. Picture Frames

Pictures frames are perfect decor pieces and you can do so much with them! They can be used for pictures, made into shelves, or simply set on a table as an accent.


Shop Molly McShabby

3. Bedding

The bedroom is where the magic happens. Having the perfect blankets to cuddle in after a long day is what life is all about. I love having soft and fluffy sheets on my bed and sometimes you can’t find those in a regular store. I go to Etsy because they have unique designs, and they are always the softest!


Shop Linen Tales In Bed

4. Wall Decor

Makes a perfect addition for your home with wall decor. Wall decor is where all the magic happens when you’re decorating. It ties all the elements in a room together, and brings out the personality of your home.


Shop Old Mill Signs

5. Wreaths

Hanging a wreath on your door adds an inviting feel to any home, and adds color to any home. No matter what your style is, or if you haven’t decided yet adding a wreath is never a bad idea!


Shop Wild Ridge Design

6. Laptop Bags

If you’re anything like me you carry your laptop or tablet with you everywhere you go, and having a stylish bag to hold all your items is very important. Not only can you find a stylish bag they are extremely functional and most bags hold more than just a laptop, you’ll be able to fit everything you need for the day in them. So not only is it a laptop bag it can double as a purse, it’s a win-win!


Shop Felt SJie

7.  Headbands

Whether I’m sitting at home on my computer, running errands, or getting my sweat on at the gym I love having my hair out of my face. But when you have those pesky fly aways you may think bobby pins are the only solution. That’s where you’re wrong, Etsy has thousands of cute headbands that can be used for all occasions, or any style!


Shop Sew Spirited South

8. Phone Cases

I get bored with my phone cases pretty easily, and I drop my phone on a daily bases scratching up my cases pretty quickly. Having a custom phone case that no one has seen before is what I like, and I get lots of compliments with the phone cases I buy!


Shop Cases Factory

9. Jewelry

I have sensitive skin so finding jewelry that won’t turn my skin green or give me a rash is hard. The jewelry I find on Etsy is cute, stylish and doesn’t leave me all itchy at the end of the day. And to top it off there are lots of stores that do custom pieces so they make for perfect gifts for your loved ones during the holidays.


Shop Wyoming Creative

10. Calendars and Planners

Having a full-time job, planning for a baby, and having a blog makes for a hectic life. Between doctor appointments, design deadlines, and family dinners you find yourself scattered not knowing which day is which (is today Tuesday or Friday?) Having a Calendar and Planner has simplified my life immensely. I always carry them with me so I know my appointments and deadlines.


Shop Karma Paper Co

A Final Note!

Etsy is not the only place to find these items but it’s the place I go because I love finding unique things to bring out the personality of my home. And all the items you find serve more than one purpose!


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