How to Turn Mine into Ours
Tips for living with a significant other

So you and your significant other have decided it’s time to live together. Congrats! This is a big step in a relationship, and it can either make or break a couple. When me and me boyfriend made this decision we became overwhelmed with all the decisions we had to make, and which furniture we would bring into the space. If you’re anything like us you don’t have a lot of furniture to begin with and will need to buy furniture together. Choosing furniture pieces can be daunting but if you follow the few tips below it can make the process just a little easier.

1. Keep it Neutral


Picking out items that are too masculine or feminine will create unbalance. So for large furniture items like sofas try sticking with natural, earth tones like gray or beige. For me personally I picked a gray sofa because it can fit with multiple styles and can easily be accented with any color palette you choose.

Find a Sofa

2. Keep it Simple


Choose simple furniture will allow you to create a look you both will love, and you can easily add small pieces without having to worry about clashing with larger furniture like your sofa. Some styles can lead you to a dead end or push you in a design direction that doesn’t fir your personality. You can always choose smaller accents to add a personal touch to the room over time, but when it comes to large piece they should have clean, simple lines that you can play with.

Home Accent Finds

3. Keep an Open Mind


Don’t get rid of a lot of your significant other’s belongings because they “won’t go” with the style you have already established. Having pieces from different homes can be easily combines to create an eclectic, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Just take a step back and examine the space from a different perspective. Try repurposing certain items for a different use. As I suggested before if you start with a neutral base fitting more colorful pieces into the room will be a breeze.


A Final Note!

Moving into a place with your significant other can be a trying process but it doesn’t have to painful. Use the above tips to create a living space you both will love.

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