Tricks to make your rental apartment yours!

Being in your 20s with not a lot of credit or money to put down for a house you will find yourself moving into a lot of different apartments. A lot of times it can feel like you can’t make the space your home because you either aren’t allowed to paint or put holes in the wall to hang things. For others, decorating a temporary home may seem pointless. Don’t let your rental ( short term or long term) keep you from having a space you love.

Here are some Tips for Renters to help you get started on making your rental a home.

1.Remove those ugly vertical blinds and hang curtains!


Hanging curtains a few inches from the ceiling and down to the ground will help any space feel bigger.
Home Décor Accents

2. Decorate your walls


Most landlord don’t allow you to paint the walls, or if they do you have to paint them back to the original color which can seem daunting for a temporary home. If you don’t want that big job before you leave consider painting just one wall. It will become the focal point of the room and adds a charming feel to any space.

3. Hang Art or Family Photos


Most of the times you will not be able to put holes in the wall, or if you do you have to sparkle and paint over them before you move out. Instead of nailing art and photos consider using command hooks to hang things. They are easy, and can be removed from the wall without taking any of the paint off.
Wall Art Accents

4. Invest in Some Cute Rugs


Not only are they great for covering ugly linoleum, vinyl floors, they can also hide a stained carpet. Here is a great example of a cute rug that you can find on a budget!
Find Area Rugs

5. Change your light fixture


This one is probably my favorite changes you can make as a renter. You can have the handyman/woman in your life install a new fixture in as little as an hour. Just make sure to store the rental figure in a safe place.

6. Add natural elements.


Things like pinecones, flowers, seashells, and plants. These items will add texture and pops of color.

7. Repurpose old furniture to fit in your new rental.


A quick coat of paint goes a long way, try putting bedside tables in your living room, or a dining table in the sitting room. You may find that you fall in love with the new arrangement.

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    1. Thanks Alexis! For my next post I was thinking of doing either “Best Online Resources for Home Decor” or “How to make your apartment Look expensive” what are your thoughts? What would you like to read about? 🙂


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