5 Ways to Decorate your Home

with Mason Jars

Yes you heard that right Mason jars can be used as decorations not just for storing and canning food. Mason jars are a cheap and effective decor piece because they can be used in every room of the home and personalized to fit your style. Here are 5 ways to use mason jars to add flare to your space.

1. Use to Organize your bathroom.


Having all your odds and end in one place is a an effective way to get ready and using mason jars adds a rustic bed and breakfast feel.

2. Organize your Office/Craft area.


Mason jars can be hung, mounted on wood, or just simply place on your desk. They keep everything in it’s place and are clear so you know which item is stored in which jar.

3. Add Light.


Want to add light but don’t want to buy lamps or burn candles? Simple fix for that is to tie a couple mason jars together and put LED lights inside of them.

4. Great Planters.


Want to have a personal garden but have limited space? Create your own garden by using mason jars. They are great for small spaces and can hold small plants to add color and scents to your home.

5. No more Tissue Boxes.


Having tissues around the house is a necessity but tissue boxes can be bulky and unattractive. Using mason jars is a great way to personalize your home.

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