Cheap to Chic

Decorating an apartment can be daunting. You may feel like there’s no point since it’s not a permanent place, but adding some accents to your space can really add value and elegance. Here are some tricks to make a cheap apartment into a Chic apartment.

1. Make a Coffee Station.


These days who doesn’t love coffee? This will be a utilized space if you have extra counter space, putting something like this together really makes the kitchen flow and makes for unique and attractive decor.
Find Coffee Station

2. Create a Little Vanity.

This space can be made from anything like an unused desk, refurbished table, even an old bookcase. Having one of these in your space is a great way to keep all your products from littering the bathroom counter, and it’s always nice to be able to sit down and do your hair and make-up. You can get a basic desk from Target for like $15 and mirrors are inexpensive as well
Find Home Decor Accents

3. Layer Your Decor.


Layering decor pieces adds elegance and class to little spaces. Buying things like scented candles, picture frames, and a big lantern are a great starter to amping up the style of your space. It’s simple, cheap and pretty!

Find Home Decor Accents

4. Add Organizational Pieces.


Jars and baskets are a classy and functional way to keep your essentials stored in an orderly manner. They really pull together the sink space and gives your bathroom a cozy bed and breakfast feel.

5. Use polaroids!


Classic picture frame decor is everyone’s favorite but getting polaroids printed is a unique way to display photos. Websites like Photo&Go can print directly from your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

6. Label Everything!


For me personally I love chalkboard labels, but places like Purple Pallette Studio on Etsy offer customized printable to fit your style. They are fun, adjustable and look great with any kind of jar and basket.

7. Add Throw Pillows.


Throw pillows add color, pattern, and  individuality to any room.

The best places I found to find cheap and charming pillows are:

8. Purchase a few LED Candles.


Candles bring light and add flare to any space. With LED candles you’ll never have to worry about burning the house down

9. Create or Invest in Canvas Art.


If you’re not the creative type you can find canvas art for cheap at places like TJ Maxx, Target, and Kohls. For those DIYers canvas art can easily be created on a budget. I get all my supplies from Michael’s. or

10. Use Trinkets and Antiques for decorative displays.


Such things can be purchased from your local thrift store. Use anything you find to transform your shelves and tables into artsy displays.

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