Tips and Tricks for small living spaces

1. Tilt out trash can


Most of the time there’s no room under the sink for your ugly trash can. Having one of these in your living space is helpful because it takes up little to no room and also provides a little extra counter space, and most importantly it keeps your garbage out of sight!

DIY Instructions Here

2. Over the faucet shelf


These days there’s a shelf for everything! Using the space over your faucet provides extra counterspace, and is an extra space for storage. They come in multiple sizes and styles so you’ll be sure to find what your looking for!

3. Over the bathroom sink shelf


This is a simple and fun DIY project you can do in a couple hours and cost nearly nothing to do! It keeps your toiletries handy but out of the way. You can use a recycled wood pallet, all you’d have to do is cut it and you’d have 2 shelves! Just make sure to use a water-proof sealant to protect it from moisture

Find it Here

5. Small Dining table


Not room for a room table? A console table is the perfect solution to this problem! It doubles as a place to eat, craft, and set a drink down when lounging on the couch.

DIY Instructions Here

6. Corner shelving


If you take a look around your home you will be shocked at the corner space not being used that has so much potential. Floating shelves will not only create extra storage space, it will become a visually appealing spot for your knick knacks and decorations.

DIY Instructions Here

7. Behind the door towel rods


Corners aren’t the only spot to add storage, your doors are also perfect for adding storage. Hanging towel rods on the bathroom door adds storage and keeps your bathroom clean and organized. No more hanging damp towels on doors and shower rods!

Find it Here

8. Wall Storage


When living in a small space it’s critical to use all the wall space you can for storage. Hanging baskets, wood pallets, and wood crates are perfect things to use for this! They are cute and functional and a good way to keep the clutter off the floor.

Find it Here

9. Tank top space saver


If your anything like me you own an endless amount of tank tops. Which can take up closet space and you’ll end up using so many hangers for them. With just a few shower curtain rings and a velvet hanger you can store all of them on ONE hanger!

DIY Instructions Here

10. Floating Vanity Shelves


Small counters and Pedestal sinks are common in small living spaces. And having limited drawer space is the BIGGEST problem in small bathrooms. Where are you supposed to put your toothbrush,lotions, and q-tips? Take advantage of the wall space you do have in this area by putting in floating shelves next to the sink or mirror

Find it Here

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